Kick-Ass Chicks: Venice Vixens (Part I)

When first hearing the term “biker-babe,” you probably picture a leather clad Amazon straight out of an ’80s movie. That is just the type of skewed perception West Coast motorcycle crew Venice Vixens aim to change. We teamed up with photographer Andi Elloway to ride with Liana, Alyssa, Lindsay (Bodanza), Lindsay (Merks), and Jaime through their very own stomping grounds, and learn more about the paths that lead them to choose a life on two wheels.  

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13-year-old Alyssa Carson is determined to be the first person to land on Mars — and NASA thinks she stands a chance. Paul Foreman, from NASA says, “she is of perfect age to one day become an astronaut, to eventually travel to Mars. She is doing the right things, taking the right training, taking all of the right steps to actually become an astronaut.” 

Alyssa studies science, several languages and is the first person to attend all three of Nasa’s world space camps. Learn more about Alyssa’s mission via BBC

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